The purpose of the Grand Rivers Humane Society adoption program is to find responsible, lifelong homes for animals that are suitable for family companions. Making such matches requires us to know the needs of animals to be placed and that of their prospective adopters. It is not kind to place an animal in a home where it may fail to received adequate companionship, food, water, shelter and veterinary care. Nor is it a benefit to the community to place animals with owners who allow them to roam the neighborhood, violate animal control laws or reproduce, adding to the community’s burden of unwanted animals. Grand Rivers Humane Society follows certain guidelines when considering an applicant for adoption of a pet. Some items taken into consideration are: adopter interview, adopter suitability for specific pet, adopter’s history of animal ownership, landlord permission (if applicable), reason for wanting to adopt, suitable confinement, children in household and their ages. Grand Rivers Humane Society reserves the right to refuse to adopt an animal based on our adoption policy. Grand Rivers Humane Society does not adopt pets for gifts but does offer gift certificates.